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The Becoming a Man Series

Becoming a Man After God's Own Heart

King David was a man after God's own heart. He was the only person in the Bible with this title. How could such a thing be said of one man? In this book, Paul E. Robinson brings out the powerful truths and characteristics of Israel's greatest king in order to show us what God is looking for in every man today. Points of study include the heart, leadership, the danger of sin, honor, friendship, Bible study, and more. Dig into this exciting life and learn what it means to be a man after God's own heart.

Here's what people have said about this book:

"[God] wants us to be Biblical leaders and warriors for Christ. This study on David also analyzes the progression of sin in our lives, even in good men. I cannot recommend this series, and this book, highly enough for every Christian who wants to dig deeper into his or her faith."

--kindle customer

"This is a good devotional look at the life of King David. Great for young men who want to have a heart for God."

--David A. 

Becoming a Man of Integrity

During the days of the Pharaohs in Egypt, pagan customs ruled and reigned in the minds of everyone. It was during this time that God providentially brought a young man to Egypt, a man who was different. He possessed a rare quality. This man was Joseph, and he had integrity. Despite constant set-backs, he held onto his dreams and his faith in God. No one could sway him from his convictions. We are also living in a pagan culture, and it is high time for men of integrity to stand up for the Lord. We can learn invaluable lessons from the life of Joseph, the man who went from pauper to prime minister. From his dreams to his temptations to his reign, this book covers the exciting story of Joseph, and what we can gain from such a life.

Here's what people have said about this book:

"[Joseph's] Godlike ability to forgive others, interpret dreams, and become a great businessman who saved the entire region from starvation, is told in a new, inspirational way that held my attention while learning so much more about God. I strongly recommend this book if you are serious about studying the bible."

--kindle customer

"Integrity. This is the key character trait Mr. Robinson focuses on in Joseph's life. He challenges the reader to become a person of integrity while surrounded by the turbulent times we live in...I enjoyed reading this book and contemplating Mr. Robinson's views on the life of Joseph."

--Kathy A. 

Becoming a Man 
of Leadership

He’s called the Lawgiver. The man who became the Redeemer of Israel, the one who led the Children of Israel through the wilderness and was the mouthpiece of God for them. This is Moses, one of the greatest leaders in all of history. Yet it did not start like this. Moses was not a natural-born leader. What qualifies someone to be a leader? The story of Moses reveals exactly what God is looking for in a leader. Like you or me, Moses was just an ordinary man used by an extraordinary God. This book will take you on the journey through Moses’ life, and along the way, will analyze important characteristics of leadership such as convictions, intercessory prayer, relationships, servant leadership, and more. 

Here's what people have said about this book:

"Just got done reading this great book. Despite what the title may say it is a great book for both men and women to read. Really goes in depth of the life of Moses and how God used him in a mighty way. There is a lot we can learn from Moses, to be able to have a closer walk with God and to be good and humble leaders. Great book by Paul Robinson, I think he did a great job!"

--Marlen B.

Becoming a Man of Courage

He was one of the greatest generals in all of history. He was strong, strategic, and straight. This was Joshua, the leader who brought the Children of Israel into the Promised Land. Once in the land, many enemies opposed them, giving rise to countless battles. Like war, the Christian life is full of battles. Joshua gives us the principles we need to face these battles. He was a man of faith, courage, and strategy. This military manual will prepare you for the inevitable battles you will face in life by giving you the key elements every Christian soldier needs in his arsenal.

This book currently has no reviews, but it does have a 5-star rating on its Amazon page. 

Becoming a Man of Prayer

At a young age, Daniel was ripped out of his homeland and carted off to a foreign land of pagan gods and tyrants. It would have been easy to become discouraged, but not Daniel. He purposed in his heart to be a man of God. As a result, he influenced kings and kingdoms for the glory of God. What was his secret? A careful study of the book of Daniel reveals that this man was a prayer warrior, always willing to go directly to the throne of heaven. If your prayer life is failing, this book will get you excited to pray again. In addition to that, we will study different aspects of his life, such as his purpose, his convictions, and his influence. Whether you realize it or not, God has called you, like Daniel, to be a man of prayer.

Here's what people have said about this book:

"I read this to my family and shared it with a friend who has school age boys. It is very well written and easy to understand and Biblically accurate."

--Bradley A. 

Becoming a Man of Missions

In the early days of the church, rampant persecution caused the Christians to scatter from Jerusalem and spread the gospel. One of these persecutors was Saul of Tarsus, a zealous Pharisee who wanted to stamp out this new religious sect.


However, God had great plans for Saul. While on his way to Damascus, Saul met Jesus. He was saved that day, and would later become a chosen apostle. 


This book will look at Paul’s missionary journeys, his former life, his sufferings, his writings, and more. In addition, you will also learn about modern missionaries who have hazarded their lives for the gospel. 

This book currently has no reviews, but it does have a 5-star rating on its Amazon page. 

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