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Has Commercialism Ruined Christmas?

Posted on December 7, 2021

Christmas is a wonderful time, but have you noticed how businesses and companies take advantage of the season to try and sell you their product? Perhaps the most famous example of this is when Coca-Cola “hired” Santa Claus to pose with a bottle of Coke in his hand. It’s true that Christmas sells. But with that comes the question, Has commercialism ruined this wonderful holiday? Has the constant bombardment of commercials and products caused us to get lost in buying stuff and forget the real reason of Christmas? 


The answer is yes and no. Commercialism CAN ruin Christmas for you if you let it. It can take your focus off of Jesus and the reason we celebrate this festive holiday and place it on buying products to please people and even to make yourself feel good. For some, the blatant manipulation of this holiday has caused them to sour towards Christmas. Honestly, you can’t blame companies for trying to make more money before the end of the year, although greed is probably a factor in this. 


We shouldn’t be surprised that the world uses this holiday to push products and make money. Remember that the world has nothing to celebrate. They say that Christmas is about family and magic, but we know that’s not true. Christmas is about Jesus! Let’s not forget that. The commercials might be funny, and the products might be good, but they’re not the reason for the season. 


Let me encourage you to be careful not to get lost amidst all the commercials and products. Christmas should be a time for giving, not for getting. This season is not about feeling warm and fuzzy as you buy stuff—for many, Christmas simply fuels their greed and covetousness. Don’t get me wrong, enjoy the season; buy presents; watch Christmas movies; listen to the carols; have fun parties; but don’t forget Jesus throughout all these festivities. Commercialism doesn’t have to ruin Christmas if you don’t let it. If it starts to ruin it, then you need to turn off the TV or unplug from the ads and refocus on Jesus. Keep Him where He belongs—the reason for the season.

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